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  • 2008

Becoming a Parent

The birth of a first child can have a major impact on a couple’s relationship. Here are some tips to help with your transition from partner to parent.

  • Make regular time to talk to one another about how you both feel.
  • Recognise that the woman giving birth must deal with sometimes difficult and dramatic changes to her body, relationships and lifestyle.
  • Be Patient with each other. Allah loves those who are patient.
  • Acknowledge that the woman’s partner is often faced with new and challenging emotional, physical and economic demands.
  • As with everything, make dua to Allah for help.
  • Plan ways to make one another feel appreciated and cared for, both during the pregnancy and after the baby is born.
  • Be realistic. There’s no doubt that, for a while, your relationship will have to take second place as you both make room in your relationship for the child.
  • Try to anticipate argument ‘hot spots’ after the birth – sex, money, housework, in-laws – and talk about how you’ll handle differences.
  • Talk about the change in financial balance if one of you plans to give up work and how you’ll manage your different attitudes to money.
  • If you’ve got high standards about housework, loosen up.
  • Expect that there’ll be changes in your sexual relationship – especially after the birth. Be patient with one another’s flagging libido.
  • Practise accepting help and start asking for it. You’ll find it’s the little things that friends and relatives do that can make the transition a whole lot easier.

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  1. michelle says:

    i have a friend who has met a muslim man.they have been together 1 and a half years now in a relationship. but she is not muslim but will be soon.they wont to get married soon aswell. my friend wonts to ask this question .she has just found out she is pregnan by him. she dont know what to do about it what is the best thing for her ?

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