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  • 13
  • 2008

Child Education in Islam – Free eBook

Author: Abdullah Nasih Ulwan

This book outlines the basic Islamic concepts in child education. The author has tried to coordiante the main ideas, as well as the basics precepts for raising Muslim children in all the different spheres of life.

First of all, the importance of correct belief and faith cannot be inculcated in young children except through the teaching and example of their parents; and obviously, the role of the mature and religious mother is foremost. This state of harmony can only be achieved when matrimonial relations are relatively stable.

Care is to be taken in providing young children with all the necessary elements in the fields of ethical, physical and psychological education. This cannot be overemphasized. It is established that the common ailments of human societies, personal as well as social, find their remedy in monotheism and justice. Therefore, emphasis on these two moral principles is essential. Muslim children must develop a clear understanding of the concept of the oneness of Allah, mainly through the performance of devotional acts of worship, to Him, and through developing a sense of justice in all personnel and social dealings.

The author has briefly outlined these glorious concepts in this book. Through his deep understanding of Islam, and his eminent conviction and personal adherence to its glorious principles, he introduces this book to the readers, with all practical instructions, with the intention of helping to build up a Muslim nation, worthily to uphold the honorable tenets of the Glorious Qur’an and Sunnah.

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5 responses to “Child Education in Islam – Free eBook”

  1. Aisha Siddiqi says:

    JazakAllah Khair, Indeed it is Sadqa-e-Jaria, May Allah accept all your efforts and may Allah help us follow the true essence of Islam. Besides, if you could upload some info on nutrition and well being of girls to-be-married soon or for mothers-to-be to help out a major chunk of society.

    Best Regards,

  2. abdullahi yussuph says:

    please i need a book talks about how to take care of children in islam by abdullahi

  3. riaz says:

    please i need a book talks about how to take care of children in islam by abdullahi

  4. Fazlin says:

    Shukran for this Beautiful website. May ALLLAH HU TA ALLA reward you

  5. mueena says:


    Zajakallahuqairan for the website. really good one

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