• Oct
  • 22
  • 2008

Learning The Basics of Arabic Grammar – Free eBook

This small eBook is ideal for those beginning to learn the Arabic language. It covers the basics of the following topics:

  • Subject and Predicate
  • Masculine and Feminine Genders
  • Numbers: Singular, Dual, and Plural
  • Adjective and its Noun
  • The Possessive Case or Genitive
  • Interrogatives
  • Pronouns
  • The Prepositions
  • Subject, Verb, and Object
  • The Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Imperfect Tense
  • Imperative and Negative Imperative
  • Derived Forms of the verb

Download eBook PDF (right click and select “save as”)

10 responses to “Learning The Basics of Arabic Grammar – Free eBook”

  1. syedasifali says:

    this is very informative site.need more help to learn more.

  2. MofiR says:

    Jazakumullah khairan jazak…

    just downloaded the file…

    may Allah bless us all…

  3. Abdullah says:

    great work from you people
    keep it up
    may allah bless you

  4. azhar says:

    thank u,nice

  5. Shameem says:

    Need to learn more

  6. Aliyu says:


  7. Ashur Saeyda says:

    Thank you, very helpful for my English friend.


  8. abdullah says:


  9. Ma shaa Allah very useful for the beginners, i like it so mch, i teach online in the western countries some of my students they are learning Arabic so i think this book will be a very bright guider for them in Arabic Language line, jazakumullah o khairaa

  10. musa says:

    ALLAH bless your team(AMEEN)

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