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Teaching your child about Allah in simple terms

A child can be taught about Allaah in a suitable manner, according to his level of understanding. He can be told that Allaah is One and has no partner. He can be told that He is the Creator of all things, so He is the Creator of the earth, the heavens, people, animals, trees, rivers, etc. The educator can make the most of some situations by asking the child, whilst walking through a garden or in the countryside, about Who made the water, rivers and things in the natural scenery around him, to draw his attention to the greatness of the Creator. The father, mother or educators in general may be with a child or group of children in a car on a journey or a trip at the time of sunset, when the sun disappears from sight gradually. All that the educator has to do at that point is to draw the attention of those who are with him to the power of Allaah displayed in that.

A child can also be taught to understand the bounty of Allaah and the blessing of good health that He has bestowed upon him. For example, you could say to him, “Who gave you your hearing, sight and mind? Who gave you strength and the ability to move?” and so on. The child can also be encouraged to love Allaah and to thank Him for this blessing and bounty. Making a child love Allaah and the things that Allaah loves is a good action which will bring educational benefits sooner or later, by Allaah’s Leave.

A mother opened a window on the second floor of the house to let some air in, but her child came and quickly closed it. When his mother asked him why he had done that, he said, “I saw the dish on one of our neighbours’ roofs and I don’t want to look at anything that my Lord does not like.”

A child may ask about his Lord, whether He eats or sleeps. In that case we have to answer and tell him that there is nothing like Allaah, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Seeing; neither slumber nor sleep overtakes Him. Allaah is not like us, He does not need to sleep, eat or drink.

If these meanings are made simple for a child and explained to him in a way that is suited to his age, then the veneration of Allaah in his heart is one of the things that will help him to be aware that Allaah is watching him in secret and in public.

2 responses to “Teaching your child about Allah in simple terms”

  1. samira Hoo says:

    my son is very gud its jus i have notice that he can get really agressive with his eyes and wen he is plyaing and expressing himself in many ways, he is the only child i have and he dont really intereact wid other children because i cant find activitys for him that is local and affordable, he is startin to take his time wen i ask him not to do the tings that irritate me and carrys on untill i have to ask him again, he is startin to find ghetto boys wid spliffs and fags in there mouths facinating and wen we walk street he loves to stare at the wrong type ov pple, i am very scared and feel that he is going to turn against his family to do wat he wants to do and i am finding it hard as a mum to keep him on the narrow, i know i havent bin keeping up wid the teaching of islam which as alot to do wid it, i try my best to do alot but dont av constant encouragement wid him besides my mom who i dont see much ov, how can i handle wid him without gettin angry? how can i teach him to be a 7 yr old without wantin to grow up quick, i am emotionaly scared and in fear for my sons future…

  2. Hafsa says:

    Dear Samira!

    I have two little girls 5and 2, and I worry constantly about things you have mentioned, but I feel that Allah has molded us mothers in such a way that we have a significant impact on the way our children’s thoughts and ideas about the world around them. Children not only learn from what we say, but also from what we do and how we react to different situations. For example if I react negatively to a certain way of dressing, my girls pick up on that instantly. Or if I see something objectionable happening I will make it a point to ask my older one how she feels about it and why she thinks it may be right or wrong, then i try and explain it in simple cause and effect terms (if he had not done ….this may not have happned).
    The advantage a mother has over everything else is the emmense love that she has for her child. Use it, show it and flaunt it generously 🙂 Love can teach more than words.

    I hope i am making some sense.

    Wish you the best in this world and the hereafter.


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