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  • 18
  • 2009

First Ever American Muslim Mom Online Magazine Launched!

(Hamden, CT) July 17, 2009– AmericanMuslimMom.com is the first and only online magazine that offers free tips, tools, reviews, contests and resources for Muslim Moms living in America.
AmericanMuslimMom.com is an online magazine aimed for Muslim Moms living in America or American Muslim Moms living aboard. American Muslim Mom began as a family blog in 2005, and has blossomed to a repository of useful articles for Muslim Moms aimed to help them with all aspects of raising Mu’miniyn (true believers) in a non-Muslim country.

American Muslim Mom encourages Muslim Moms to share tips, tools and resources based on the Qur’an and Sunnah (life and actions) of Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him).

The community has a large following of non-Muslims, all of who benefits from Islamic, motivational, educational, practical, and fun articles, reviews, videos, contests, give-aways, and much more. Fresh content is added regularly including interviews with other Muslim moms and industry experts, how-to instructional articles, audios and articles dealing with current interests.
While channels such as Home and Garden, Family, and Entertainment are similar to national parenting magazines, American Muslim Mom magazine incorporates Islamic beliefs and principles. For example, additional channels include “Deen/Religion” and “Home Education”.

Examples of unique articles found within each channel include,

  • Deen/Religion – Spiritual reflections from the Sunnah of of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and Tips for learning the Qur’an and Sirah (biography) of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him),
  • Health & Wellness – Natual healing methods found in Qur’an and Sunnah, Islamic fashion reviews, etc.,
  • Home & Garden – Halal (permissible) recipes without pork, alcohol, etc., such as Halal Pizza,
  • Family – Exploring the multiple roles of Muslim moms, such as wife, daughter, sister, business women, etc.,
  • Freebies – Popular series “Freebie Friday”  with verses from Qu’ran for spiritual motivation,
  • News & Business – Frugal Living tips, home business tips and opportunities with hadiths (sayings and actions) of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him),
  • Entertainment – Reviews of Islamic websites, books, products, clothing/apparal, software, etc., and
  • Home Education – Advise and tips to offer children private Islamic education on a shoestring budget.

To kick-off this unique online magazine, American Muslim Mom launched the country’s First Annual Summer Islamic Summer Reading Program for newborns to college students. Free Mommy’s Promotional Campaign, Kid’s Coloring “Design a Button” Contests offer Islamic bookstore gift certificates and Islamic books as prizes.

Additional resources not found elsewhere online include,

  • American Muslim Mom eNewsletter – offers free monthly mommy eReport ,
  • Two Must-Have eBooks for all Muslim Moms
    • The popular, must-read ebook, “The Muslim Woman and Her Husband”, and
    • The highly-acclaimed and respected ebook, “The Ideal Muslimah – The True Islamic Personality of the Muslim Woman as Defined in the Qur’an and Sunnah” by Dr. Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Hashimi, and
  • Regular contests and free give-aways specific to moms,
  • Commentary from Owner/Publisher, best-selling author Ponn M. Sabra, MPH on international and national news pertaining to Islam, especially Islam and the roles of women and mother.

Sabra states, “With the guidance and blessings of Allah (May He be Glorified) and Him Alone, I believe the only way to blend the perfection of our faith with the many freedoms and opportunities here in America, we must not assimulate our children (to maintain our unique identities), not isolate them (so we don’t shelter or ostracize them), but to always strive to be emulated because the simplicity and perfection of Islam teachings us to do so. Unfortunately, popular media does not publicize the beauty of Islam, and American Muslim Mom will strive to achieve this ultruistic goal, inshaAllah (God willing).”

Unlike previous Muslim magazines that lauched and ceased publication, American Muslim Mom has partners and sponsors beyond Muslim institutions and organizations to position its long-term success. “Americans are tired of one-sided news reporting. With social media such as the launching of an interactive online magazine, Muslim Moms in America will finally have their passionate and educated voices heard. With pure faith in Allah, American Muslim Mom is here to grow, inshaAllah (God willing)”, Sabra adds.

7 responses to “First Ever American Muslim Mom Online Magazine Launched!”

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  2. Mary Compton says:

    I have in the past had contact with Ponn Sabra, but have lost her e-mail address and her website, which i used to read and comment on. Please give me her contact informaiton so that I can contact her again, and also to refer her to someone who is interested in building houses for the poor in Turkey and who needs ideas and contacts for that work.

  3. I love americanmuslimmom.com magazine. It is so heartwarming and masha’allah it is wonderful and empowering and all rolled up with being a good Muslim and Muslim mom the focus. And any religion can benefit from it Muslim or not and it enlightens non Muslims that we are people to. It educates the public and shows what Islam truly is about. Go Sister Ponn. Sister Debbie

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  7. This is a good resource.

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