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  • 19
  • 2011

Tawheed for Children (Level One) Knowing Allah

This is a free ebook written by Dr. Saleh As-Saleh that teaches children very basic knowledge about tawheeed.

Here is a small extract from the book:

Allaah is my Rabb
Allaah is the Rabb of everything we see around and that which we do not see, like
Angels and other creatures, the Jinns.
Allaah created the Angels from light, and Allaah created the Jinns from fire.
All the Angels worship Allaah, and don’t disobey him in anything.

This ebook looks very appealing to children in that it is very colourful, contains many pictures and puzzles and is written in very simple language.

Download PDF 3.7 MB (right click and select “save as”)

2 responses to “Tawheed for Children (Level One) Knowing Allah”

  1. aasma siddiqui says:

    i think this is a very simple way to introduce the teachings to young children

  2. Umm 'Uzyar says:


    The linkabove has error. Can you please send me the book?

    jazaakumullaahu khyran

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