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The Ideal Muslim Father – Free PDF eBook Download

This eBook is an extract from the popular, “The Ideal Muslim” book by By Dr. Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Hashimi.

One of the chapters was very relevant to Islamic parenting so we extracted only this chapter and made it available for download here. Chapter 5 is titled, “The Muslim and His Children” and contains the following:

  • He understands his great responsibility towards his children
  • He uses the best methods in bringing them up
  • He demonstrates his love and affection for them
  • He spends on them, willingly and generously
  • He does not discriminate between sons and daughters in his affection and spending
  • He is alert to everything that may have an influence on them
  • He equally treats all his children
  • He instills good behavior and attitudes in them

Download PDF (right click and select “save as”)

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    may Allah guide us till the end of the time.
    here I just want to say many thanks, there are a lot of story those I got from this site.

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    Assalamualaikum…thanks a lot..

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