Free Printable Dua Supplications

As parents, we should try and teach our children this and try to make our home, a place where Allah is remembered.

Supplication or Dua to Allah is of paramount importance in Islam. The benefits of supplication are immense as are its virtues. Supplication is an act of obedience to Allah. By offering supplications, we are actually carrying out Allah’s command.

Allah says: “And your Lord said: Supplicate to Me, I shall answer you.” [Sûrah Ghâfir: 60]

There are many supplications that the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us to say in different situations. With this in mind, below are some free printable supplications. InshaAllah, the hope is that you will print them and put them in your homes as a reminder to your families.

Here are the Dua’s so far (inshaAllah more will be added regularly).

Daily Dua

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WakeUp Teach your children this dua upon waking up. Please note there are many other duas narrated that should be said before sleeping. Please refer to the book, fortress of a Muslim for more information.
BeforeSleep.pdf What better way is there to end the day than by remembering Allah, Most High? If you think it’s required, download this dua from the below link and put it near your childs bed so they are reminded to say it.
Enter&ExitToilet.pdf The Religion of Islam is a complete way of life. There are even dua for entering and exiting the toilet. We should teach these duas to our children as it is an easy way to earn rewards and remember Allah.
EnteringHome.pdf As parents, we should make sure our homes are a place where Allah is remembered. This begins we enter our homes. This dua should be said as we are entering our homes.
LeavingHome.pdf This dua is to be said when leaving the home. As parents, we should instil in our children the fact that when they leave the house for their daily duties, that they should put their trust in Allah and rely on Him.
BeforeEat.pdf This is a very simple dua to teach your children and will inshaAllah ensure there is blessings in the food that is eaten. Also remember to remind your children to eat with their right hands and eat from the food that is closer to them.
AfterEat.pdf We should remind ourselves and our children that all provision and blessings are from Allah and that we should be grateful to Him. This supplication should be said after we finish eating. This sheet also includes a reminder about how Allah is pleased with a person who praises Allah after eating and drinking.
stir in the night Teach your kids this dua whenever they wake up at night frightened.
Protection4Children Read this dua daily to seek Allah’s protection for yourself and your family.
Afraid2sleep Read this to your children if they are afraid to go to sleep or feel lonely or depressed.

Other Dua

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Dua from the Quran This printable sheet contains dua for parents from the Qur’an. There are five dua, each in Arabic, transliteration and English.


Need a designed printable dua to match your kids decor? We have a number of dua’s that can be customised with your childs name and color to suit your decor. Please visit our online store.


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