Free Printable Colour-in-Pictures for Muslim Children

These colouring worksheets will teach some basics about Islam to children in a “fun” way. InshaAllah, more free printable worksheets will be added here soon. Simply download these free coloring worksheets and print them for your children to complete.

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Colour-in-Picture #1 Animal mentioned in Quran: Bird
Colour-in-Picture #2 Animal mentioned in Quran: Cow
Colour-in-Picture #3 Animal mentioned in Quran: Frog
Colour-in-Picture #4 Islamic Calligraphy, Allah
Colour-in-Picture #5 Islamic Calligraphy, Prophet Muhammad
Colour-in-Picture #6 Picture of Ali and his grandfather going to the mosque
Colour-in-Picture #7 Picture of animals on earth
Colour-in-Picture #8 Picture of Abdullah going to school
Colour-in-Picture #9 Animal mentioned in Quran: Elephant
Colour-in-Picture #10 Animal mentioned in Quran: Snake
Colour-in-Picture #11 Animal mentioned in Quran: Horse
Colour-in-Picture #12 Animal mentioned in Quran: Spider
Colour-in-Picture #13 Admire the creation of Allah, say “subhnaAllah”
Colour-in-Picture #14 Animal mentioned in Quran: Bee
Colour-in-Picture #15 Picture of a Mosque
Colour-in-Picture #16 Picture of boy eating. Before we eat, we say “Bismillah”.


My Colouring Book 1
This book practises these words: Arrow, necklace, bowl, bed, honey, drink, grapes, house, curtain, shoe, boat, roof, ring, ring, treasure, soup and town.


My Colouring Book 2
This book practises these words: Rope, perfume, stones, key, rain, wooden peg, gold, supper, half, flag, wood, bones, cloak, road, food and vessel.


My Colouring Book 3
This book practises these words: Battle, spear, quiver, sword, cave, musical instrument, tambourine, wing, pillars, mountains, leather bag, seashore, meat, shoelace, jug and tin.


My Colouring Book 4
This book practises these words: Tent, egg, bandage, scrolls, turban, pearls, wind, tree, well, bucket, weapons, milk, stick, fingernail, dust and straw.


My Colouring Book 5
This book practises these words: Basket, rock, knife, clouds, break, thumb, wall, moon, smoke, corner, cucumber, dates, bread, big tray, dining table and water skin.


My Colouring Book 6
This book practises these words: Garment, shirt, earring, bangle, rein, chair, piece of gold, voice, mouth, village, drought, Iron (metal), booty, mud, forest and the Hebrew language.


My Colouring Book 7
This book practises these words: Whip, (money) bag, night, sun, journey, thirst, grass, river, raisins, silver, cushion, ear, trouser, brick, eye an fort.


Visit the Arabic Comes First website for more great resources.

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  1. Muslimatun says:

    Jazakallah for this great resources

  2. Muslim mamma says:

    I just wanted to inform you there is an error on the snake page, It says elephant instead of snake.

    Thank you very kindly for these much needed resources.
    Great Job.


  3. shofia says:

    Jazzakallu khairan…for the great resources you’ve provided for our children. May Allah’s Nur and hasanah always be with you…amin.

  4. Dr kaunain kausar says:

    Jazakallah for this nice effort. we running an Islamic school. It is very helpful for the kids

  5. kerry says:

    I am English caregiver of young children and am trying to talk and read to them books and basic words for me in english but for me to read to them in ARabic so I can pronounce them correctly, is there somewhere I can learn this to help the children I am carrying for.

  6. Nyda Jivani says:

    great work Mashallah….jazakallah khairan!!

  7. Kemar Barrett says:

    thank you very much. well appreciated

  8. muslimah says:

    i jus wanted to remind u or let u know as far as i’ve known music is haraam in our religion islam but u’ve included that in your colouring book 3 .

  9. Muhammad Kazim says:

    JazakAllahu Khair…. to the team behind this job,, we will InshaAlllah put this to our school children as we were very much worried to get good Islamic Theme colouring book instead of regular western cultured colouring books..
    Muhammad Kazim
    IGPS – Islamic Guidance Public School
    +91 9849758154

  10. Salaam i am involved with an NPO called Al-Waagah Islamic Insitute for the Deaf in South Africa.
    We have a Madrassah, a skills development centre and
    we do islamic classes at a secular school on certain days of the year.

    I find the resources you make available for us invaluable Shukran Jazeelan

  11. rafeah ismail says:

    thank you very much…
    really appreaciated

  12. Dewey says:

    thank a bunch,, useful..

  13. Alhamdulillahh, thanks for coloring book download. So god…

  14. erwan says:

    I just say thank you for this resources, may Allah SWT bless you. amin!

  15. adrian says:

    thank you very much… So Useful for us

  16. Hena says:

    My kids love your pictures! There’s also some good Ramadan coloring pictures at

  17. asif says:

    Thank u very much for this valuable material for learning arabic

  18. Sister Nedean says:

    Lovely work brother; may Allah be pleased with you!
    My daughter and I really appreciate your effort. I am in the process of creating my website. I would like toa dd your site in the hyper link section, Insha’Allah!
    I will keep you updated insha’Allah.

  19. Sister ND says:

    As salam aleykum wa rahma tullahi wa barakatuhu

    I Really love your drawings and I appreciate that you give it out for free. May Allah bless all your work Ameen
    I am a very ambitious and I think that the muslim children 0-7 years need some books to read about topics in islam.
    I have a plan of making a children’s book and Therefore I am thinking about if I can use some of your pictures in the book insha allah I will tell you about the project during my work and you are welcome to contact me any time.
    I hope to hear from you soon insha allah
    Wa aleykum salam wa rahma tullahi wa barakatuhu

  20. Fikri says:

    Assalamu’alaikum… Nice share, educative, i need my daughter to learn Arabic since this early age, because Arabic is Al-Qur’an native language. may Allah bless you

  21. lulu says:

    jazakallah! its very helpful for me as a new teacher

  22. Kinasih says:

    Alhamdulillah. Thank you very much.

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